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          Athletics Glen Innes is the local Athletics club for the Glen Innes Severn area of Northern NSW.

         We are affiliated with NSW Little Athletics, and Athletics NSW. We are part of New England Zone Little Athletics .

         Our athletes range in age from 5 years to over 70 years.

         Our home ground is King George V Oval, Wentworth Street, Glen Innes.

   The Season

             The Track and Field season runs from October to March, with Little Athletics activities each Friday afternoon starting at 4  pm.  If it rains on the Friday, activities will move to the next Tuesday afternoon.  Senior athletes train locally when they can but in the main compete at other venues such as  Inter-club carnivals.


              All athletes must register with Athletics NSW or NSW Little Athletics.  Athletes in the age range Under 12 to Under 17 are automatically dual-registered with LANSW and Athletics NSW. For the forst time this season they will have the same competition number for both.

                      We ask  all athletes to register on line via the internet. 
The club receives a rebate for each athlete who registers on line before the end of October. To register with Little Athletics NSW please click here.

If you have difficulties registering on-line, our Registrar will be only too happy to assist you.

               For more information on Registering, please click here .











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